Here’s our next installment in our lovely budget month. Let’s talk beautiful blooms. Though generally a small part of the wedding reception, flowers can easily become one of the most costly items in your wedding! These deceptively simple accents can really wreak havoc with your budget. Here are our tips for keeping your flowers in check.

Tip 1: Get a quote first. It’s very easy to spend months deciding on flowers and creating a motif before a florist will put a cost to your creations. By the time the estimate rolls in at thousands of dollars, you could find yourself up a creek without the time or the energy to start over. Make sure you know the florist’s minimums and their general price range before you fall in love with their products.

Tip 2: Shop in season. Instead of bursting onto the scene with your ideas for exotic orchids or pink and purple daffodils, ask your florist which flowers are in season. If you go straight for a flower that fits your very specific vision, you’ll likely find that the cost of the ideal really soars to new heights. Keep an open mind and talk about the various options that are both in season and local. Florists can work wonders with their products, so put some faith in the masters to pull it off.

Tip 3: Limit the blooms that you need. Instead of creating an enchanted garden, try to minimize the way you use the flowers to give you both beauty and a budget-friendly scene. Instead of placing floral table settings at each table, try every other table, or try creating smaller arrangements that utilize other elements besides flowers. Don’t worry about putting blooms in every corner of the room. Within your arrangements, opt for fillers like branches, seasonal fruits, and other more commonplace details that won't detract from your theme.

Tip 4: Buy your own flowers: If you’re creative and daring, try selecting your own flowers from a more generic store and pay a florist to arrange them as you’d like. Though this risky strategy isn’t for the faint of heart, you could end up saving quite a bundle.

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