Enjoying all of the money-saving tips this month? Here’s another great article about bridal savings in a big category. Bridesmaid dresses are another area that can really eat into your budget. At the price of $200 a dress, it may not seem like a lot, but by adding on shipping costs, rush fees, custom changes, and multiply that by the number of dresses you need, you’re looking at quite a different total than you may have expected.

Tip 1: Examine your personal philosophy. Bridesmaid dresses fall into a grey area when it comes to paying for the dress. In many circles, it’s customary for the bride’s family to purchases the dresses, but in many others, it’s common for the bridesmaids to pay for their own gowns. In order to best select the type of dress you’d like to purchase and budget for, first determine your personal payment philosophy. If you’re not ready to fully commit to either school of thought, some brides elect to split the payment and have their bridesmaids pay for half of the gown instead of the full amount.


Photo courtesy of Rebekah Westover via Latter Day Bride.

Tip 2: Limit your party size. It’s quite common in Utah to offer a bridesmaid spot to every single individual you’ve ever felt close to. If you use this standard of determination, you’re likely to have upwards of ten bridesmaids. For a bride hoping to stay on a budget, this method just isn’t going to fly. Try to use your best judgment to limit the number of bridesmaids you enlist. If you feel some friends could be offended, limit your bridesmaids group to family only. If you have one too many cousins, limit the party to sisters only. There are quite a few ways to get creative and really pair down the excess and expenses.


Photo courtesy of Rebekah Westover via Latter Day Bride.

Tip 3: The wear-again bridesmaid dress. Many brides these days are cutting their costs more than in half for bridesmaid dresses by finding gowns that their bridesmaids could happily and easily wear again and again. The catch for this method is dealing with a limited number of colors and fewer styles from which to pick. When you’re looking at savings reaching the hundreds though, it’s likely that you’ll be willing to  jazz up the grey gown with hot-pink highlights instead of clinging stubbornly to the color of your dreams.


Photo courtesy of Latter Day Bride.

Happy shopping, brides!



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