Here are our final tips for selecting the best budget-friendly options as you shop. Let’s take a look at reception ideas.

Tip 1: If your season permits, look outside. The late spring and summer seasons can offer you the best options for the very least expensive venues: free! The great outdoors can pose some logistic challenges, but you can’t beat the price tag. Backyard, casual receptions are often very popular and in the right setting can be just as lovely as an indoor setting. They also offer a natural ambiance and beauty that requires fewer flowers to beautify, also a money-saver.

Tip 2: Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. By comfort zone, we’re talking literal location. Some brides think they can only have their reception within a 10 mile radius of their ceremony, but honestly, you could be shooting yourself in the foot, budget-wise. It’s best to shop around locations that are more widespread to find the very best deal and the right fit for you.

Tip 3: Think small. There’s no need to over-stuff your location. Try to create a more modest guest list, so that you can fit into a smaller ballroom or wing of a reception center. If you just have to keep your guest-list large, cut down the reception time to decrease the price or set your reception for a weekday evening rather than a weekend.

Tip 4: Bundle.  Many reception centers may seem more expensive right off the bat, but consider what comes with it. Some reception centers are pre-decorated and come with the tablecloths, chair covers, and more. Still others bundle together your catering and entertainment so that overall, you get more of a deal than if you were to commission all of these vendors on your own. It also takes the hassle out of extra planning when all of the elements are already taken care of.

You budget-conscious brides, take a step back and think about how great you’ll feel on your big day, knowing that you pulled off your dream wedding at your personal dream price. Employing even a few of these tips can leave you grateful for the effort. Now get out there and save, save, save!




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