Here's a fun article from Brad Mills with Utah Announcements. Enjoy some great advice about cutting back on invitation stresses as you plan your wedding!

Getting your invitations out can be a stressful task, but it doesn’t have to be! Especially when you are inviting a lot of guests, the idea of addressing and stuffing all those envelopes can seem daunting. Here are a couple tips for making the invitation process stress-free.

1. Do your research. 

Make the design process easy by doing a little pre-work. Researching design ideas and general inspiration for your wedding will make it easier to determine what you want your invitation to look like. With so many options, it’s important to narrow down the possibilities to avoid being overwhelmed.

Invitation Inspiration

2. Have a budget. 

Determine how much of your wedding budget you want to spend on invitations. This helps you avoid over-spending and having to cut costs elsewhere. You can get a free quote for your invitations on our website to determine how much your invitations will cost before submitting an order.

3. Start addressing early.

Even if you don’t have your invitations yet, start addressing your envelopes. Getting an early start on this task can make it easy once you get your invites. If they are all addressed once they arrive, you can stuff them and send them out quickly and avoid stress about getting them out in time. To make this process even easier, we offer an envelope printing service. Look at our website for more details.

Envelope Addressing - Utah Announcements

4. Give yourself enough time.

Try to order your announcements at least two months before your wedding date. This gives you ample time for the design process and shipping. If you have less than 30-40 days before your wedding, custom invites are still doable, but you may want to consider rushing the process.

Photo: Victoria and Ian

5. Budget enough time for RSVPs. 

If you are sending out RSVP cards, give your guests enough time to respond once they receive the invitation in their mailbox. You should request guests to RSVP three weeks before the wedding date, meaning you will need to send the invites out six weeks before the date. This is especially important if you are basing food orders or other logistics on the number of guests attending.

Photo: Katherine and Christopher RSVP
Photo: Katherine and Christopher RSVP

6. Make a guest list. 

Create a spreadsheet or list with your guest’s names, addresses, and other information (like attendance, food choices, etc.). This will help keep you organized and make sure you do not have any duplicates. is a great online service to help you organize your guest list online.


7. Recruit family and friends to help. 

Once your invitations arrive, have an invitation party with your friends and family. Get them together to help you stuff and seal the envelopes and you will be done in no time!

8. Go over all invitation proofs thoroughly.

Imagine getting all your invitations and date is wrong – so stressful! Avoid any mistakes before printing by reading and looking over all the proofs you receive several times. Have someone else look at them for you to catch any mistakes you might have missed.

Photo: Starlee and Colby Invitation

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We adore this amazing inspiration shoot! Luscious fruits, deep rich colors, rustic tones, blooming florals, and bridal simplicity. Gather some inspiration for your upcoming summer wedding!




Hair & Makeup: Amy Blood
Designers/Stylists: Lexi Laycock & Alyssa Schwarz
Diamonds: Andie Bryce at Wilson Diamonds
Cake: Heather Peterson

Here are our final tips for selecting the best budget-friendly options as you shop. Let’s take a look at reception ideas.

Tip 1: If your season permits, look outside. The late spring and summer seasons can offer you the best options for the very least expensive venues: free! The great outdoors can pose some logistic challenges, but you can’t beat the price tag. Backyard, casual receptions are often very popular and in the right setting can be just as lovely as an indoor setting. They also offer a natural ambiance and beauty that requires fewer flowers to beautify, also a money-saver.

Tip 2: Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. By comfort zone, we’re talking literal location. Some brides think they can only have their reception within a 10 mile radius of their ceremony, but honestly, you could be shooting yourself in the foot, budget-wise. It’s best to shop around locations that are more widespread to find the very best deal and the right fit for you.

Tip 3: Think small. There’s no need to over-stuff your location. Try to create a more modest guest list, so that you can fit into a smaller ballroom or wing of a reception center. If you just have to keep your guest-list large, cut down the reception time to decrease the price or set your reception for a weekday evening rather than a weekend.

Tip 4: Bundle.  Many reception centers may seem more expensive right off the bat, but consider what comes with it. Some reception centers are pre-decorated and come with the tablecloths, chair covers, and more. Still others bundle together your catering and entertainment so that overall, you get more of a deal than if you were to commission all of these vendors on your own. It also takes the hassle out of extra planning when all of the elements are already taken care of.

You budget-conscious brides, take a step back and think about how great you’ll feel on your big day, knowing that you pulled off your dream wedding at your personal dream price. Employing even a few of these tips can leave you grateful for the effort. Now get out there and save, save, save!




Take a look at this beautiful Florida wedding! I adore the bride's long lace sleeves, the wedding party's charm, and the sweet details thrown in the mix. Don't those palm trees look absolutely idyllic? Enjoy!




Photography: Alicia Johnson with That's a Pretty Picture Photography.



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