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Military wedding photo

PC: Morgan Slade Photography

We’d love to welcome weddings with every shade of inspiration. Of course, we all love the grandiose, stunning weddings that really take our breath away, but we’d also love to shed some light on other inspirations. Let’s see some home-made weddings inspired by your own do-it-yourself projects. Your personality and style truly shine with hand-crafted and carefully created weddings, since your ideas came directly from your imagination into being. Give other brides a chance to see how you hand-crafted your wedding creations by including some detailed do-it-yourself instructions and beautiful photos of your finished products.

Inspiration doesn’t need to be expensive, either. Brides on a budget, show off your weddings as well! Share with us how you worked out your wedding to include beauty, personal style, and economy. Show off your best photos of your best bargain items. We’d love to see how you created beauty without breaking the bank.

In the midst of weddings clamoring to be unique, let’s not forget our roots. Send us weddings infused with the uniqueness of your culture. Something new and exciting can be as old as some of our most beloved tradition. Show us the best photos of your cultural wedding celebration that can inspire our world-wide community.

Whether you’re budget-conscious, crafty and creative, or unique as a birthright, send us your weddings! With all submissions, please send us a selection of 20 to 30 of your best pictures that show of uniqueness and detail, each full-resolution at 300dpi.

Show us what you do as a wedding vendor! We welcome accessories, cakes, photography, flowers, you name it! Show us your work with weddings, and we’ll pass it on. This highlight is more than just a sales gimmick. Give our brides a reason to look into your company. The article should be based on information rather than sales motives. Please send us a polished article ready to post, along with 20 to 30 images, each full-resolution at 300dpi, for us to choose from of your work in wedding action. Include any names, addresses or other valuable information that these future brides might need to contact you.

Photo requirements:

  1. We would prefer you to send in your submissions via email directly to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When uploading your content, it is best to send the pictures together in a zipped folder. This is done by selecting the photo folder with your submission pictures, right clicking, selecting “Send To” and selecting “Compressed (zipped) folder.” Please rename this folder as “your first and last name_wedding date/photo date and location” or if you are submitting as a vendor use “vendor name_subject of the article.” Email us at the address above if you are interested in sending a submission but aren't sure of the correct format.
  1. We do our best to only publish new work that has not been seen on other blogs. If you have previously had your wedding photos published to a different blog, please provide us with a link to the post for our review. If your photos have been submitted to another blog and are still in the process of posting, provide us with the post pictures, content, and place of submission for evaluation. We will look at these cases individually before we decide.
  1. All images must come with sources credited. This goes above and beyond just the photography, because we’d like to give your vendors credit where credit is due. Watermarks on pictures are not accepted, due to the distraction they cause on each picture. Proper credit will be provided on each blog post. Please include names, websites, phone numbers, and addresses for any applicable vendors listed below:

*Since your submissions come right to us, we will be able to give you a "yay" or "nay" within a week! If we happen to not contact you within that time, your submission may have been lost in digital translation! Sometimes different formats don't arrive to us due to the format. If you don't hear from us, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because we just love your features!

 Fall Harvest wedding with pumpkin tablescape

PC: Leslie Dawn Events

Wedding Photo Sessions

We’d love to see a wide variety of wedding photos, from engaging engagement sessions, to beautiful bridals and finally the big wedding day. Let us highlight you and your sweetie even before you say “I do” in engagement sessions, bridal and the newly-popular groomal sessions. The more creative, unique, and detailed the photos, the more likely we are to give you visual kudos for your hard work. On a practical note, LDS dress standards apply for your wedding dress and engagement dress choices.
And of course, send us your photos of the wedding day. Dickens paid homage to the best and worst of times, but in our blog, we’ll show off the best! Show us the best highlights of your big day! We will love to show you off, and your attention to detail will give us the best opportunity to do so. Our main requirement for this category is modesty for brides and bridesmaids alike to best represent an LDS wedding. Show off your colors, flowers, dress, and your flock of formal attendants. Be sure to include a list of your vendors so we can pass your finds onto other brides. All vendor information should be accompanied by website links, phone numbers and detailed contact information.  Please have your photographer submit 20 to 30 of your best photos, each full-resolution sized at 300dpi. Send us the story of how you met and what inspired your photo shoot. Be sure to include the photographer’s name and any other pertinent location names.

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